What does JavaScript have to do with the beach?

A long time ago, when I went to college, I took a course in ancient Greek philosophy, and I discovered a whole new way of thinking. It was new to me, but it was very, very old. I loved the process of examining things from various perspectives to try to get to the truth of things. And I loved the way Socrates and others encouraged others to think.

This is what I would like to use this blog for: to think deeply about JavaScript. I want to understand its environment in its totality, to gain an encyclopedic knowledge of JavaScript’s various parts and corners, so that I can bring the best solutions to light.

To me, the beach is a place for deep thinking. The water slinking up the shore, the boundary between the water-world and the world of land creatures, the peacefulness of the whole scene. The world can be busy and chaotic, the world of the web and JavaScript can be ever-changing and hard to keep up with, but there are eternal patterns woven within reality. That is what this blog is about what I’m trying to accomplish with my writings.


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